Planning on burning brush?

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May 242017

Thinking about burning some brush over the weekend? Make sure you check…/mfs/wildfire_danger_report/index.html to see what the fire class is for the day. Also remember, you must obtain a fire permit!

Don’t forget to follow the rules:
* It is illegal to burn without a permit in the state of Maine
* If someone complains, we are obligated to investigate and possibly extinguish any fire.
* All fires must be extinguished by midnight of the permitted date.
* You may not start a fire with ANY accelerant.
* You may not burn man-made materials, such as: paper, cardboard, or plastics.
* You may not burn tires, combustibles, or manufactured wood materials (ie.. pressure treated or finished wood).
* You may not burn rubbish, refuse, or garbage.
* You may not burn Demolition debris: insulation, rubber, styrofoam, metal, chemicals, sheetrock, asphalt shingles, or wire insulation).

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