What is Emergency Management?


What is Emergency Management?

Emergency Management is a community wide effort in preparing for emergencies. The FCEMA plan allows for a quick and effective response by using the four phases of emergency management:

Mitigation — to eliminate or reduce the probability for disaster by assisting municipalities with proactive planning strategies

Preparedness — save lives and minimize damages

Response — immediate activities that provide emergency assistance

Recovery — activities that return all systems to normal or to improved standards.

When local disasters impact Franklin County citizens an immediate response is primarily preformed by first responders. If the man-made or natural disaster exceeds local and county resources, state and federal response agencies are activated. Although we can never foresee everything that might happen, potential emergency situations could be power failures, epidemics, drought, flood, severe winter or summer storms, wildfire, search and rescue, terrorism, and a hazardous materials incident. Not only does the EMA respond to emergency situations, it has an active role in providing ongoing training and support for emergency personnel while also educating and informing the general public about emergency preparedness.

Our Mission Statement

Franklin County Emergency Management Agency (FCEMA) will support and protect the citizens and visitors of our communities by helping to limit the effect of disasters. A County-wide plan incorporates all available resources to perform the four phases of emergency management: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.