Franklin County EMA Staff & Local EMA Directors


Tim Hardy

Franklin County EMA Director
Franklin County EMA Director, Tim Hardy, is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing Emergency Management Programs for Franklin County. Tim serves as the county representative for all EMA matters and coordinates activities of the Franklin County EMA with Federal, State and local agencies having EMA responsibilities. Tim actively seeks and receives grant money to provide training for emergency operations. He coordinates county resources in response to emergencies. Tim reports conditions, requests assistance if needed and reports damage assessments to Maine Emergency Management Agency officials. He attends meetings through out the county to promote and maintain cooperation among all partners who provide assistance to Franklin County citizens in times of emergencies.



Amanda Simoneau

Franklin County EMA Deputy Director

Amanda Simoneau joined Franklin County Emergency Management Agency as the Deputy Director, October 2012.  In that position, Amanda’s duties are to assist the Director with day to day operations of the Franklin County EMA office;  make sure the Franklin County Emergency Plan is updated and exercised often; and be prepared to step in to assist or take charge when there is an emergency situation in Franklin County. Other responsibilities are to manage the financial records, update web programs, update the Franklin County Website & Facebook page regularly. Working with the public on preparedness, and sending out Public Service Announcements as needed.



Clyde Ross

Public Information Officer

Clyde Ross, FCEMA Public Information Officer, makes public awareness his number one priority. Clyde can be heard on local radio channel, WKTJ 99.3 FM reminding people to be prepared for all kinds of hazardous situations.  He has developed public service announcements for all types of situations and audiences.

Clyde, an educator in local schools for many years, still takes his safety messages to school children. He can be found assisting local schools with fire drills, helping demonstrate the ladder tower firetruck and help with the smokey room simulation trailer during Fire Prevention Week.  He also leads tours for groups of children and adults at the Fire Station on the Farmington Falls Road. Clyde also provides fire extinguisher classes for groups.

Clyde his a long term member of the Farmington Fire Department . He became Deputy Fire Chief in 1993 and is the Public Relations Officer for the department.


Community Emergency Management Agency Directors

AVON Town Office: 639-5326
CARRABASSETT VALLEY Courtney Knapp Town Office: 235-2645
CARTHAGE  Larry Blogette Town Office: 562-8874
Fax Number: 562-8579
CHESTERVILLE John Archer Town Office: 778-2433
COPLIN PLANTATION Dan Barker Town Office: 778-2433
DALLAS PLANTATION Stan Bartash Town Office: 864-5991
EUSTIS/STRATTON  Sprague Wise Town Office: 246-4401
FARMINGTON Terry Bell Town Office: 778-6538
Fire Station: 778-3235
Fax Number: 778-5871
INDUSTRY Wes Witherly Town Office: 778-5050
Fire Station:778-5100
JAY Jim Shink Town Office: 897-6785
KINGFIELD Chuck Twitchell Town Office: 265-4637
Fax Number: 265-4626
NEW SHARON Jeff Brackett Town Office: 778-4046
Fire Station: 778-2701
NEW VINEYARD Doug Churchill Town Office: 652-2222
Fire Station: 652-2429
PHILLIPS Ken Ziglar Fire Station: 639-2991
Town Office: 639-3561
RANGELEY Tim Pellerin Town Office: 864-3326
Fire Station: 864-3800
Fax Number: 864-3578
RANGELEY PLANTATION Cary Keep Home: 864-3472
Office: 864-5155
SANDY RIVER PLANTATION Evelyn Wing Office: 864-2234
STRONG Duayne Boyd Town Office: 684-4002
TEMPLE Lou Brackett Town Office: 778-6680
WELD Bruce Farnham Town Office: 585-2261
WILTON Birdell “Sonny” Dunham Fire Station: 645-2211
Town Office: 645-4961