Emergency Communications Team  

The FCECT is made up of licensed Amateur (Ham) Radio operators from around the County.  The team was established to support Franklin County EMA in the area communications.

There are over 600,000 licensed ham radio operators in the United states.  Part of their mission is to provide services to allow communications during natural and man-made disasters, search and rescue, and emergency preparedness functions.  Because each radio station operator is independent, but still can talk with each other, ham radio works when the phones are down, when there are no FAX machines or internet and even cell phones don’t work.

A small number of interested hams have formed a core group and wish to encourage the participation of all hams in Franklin County.  We also want to get other interested people involved, and we are prepared to help them get licensed.  The team has hosted licensing and testing sessions and plans more for the future.

On the top floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, a small room houses the Emergency Communications Center.  Funded by grant money from FEMA and MEMA, the ECC is a fully operational Ham Radio station including an HF radio (TS-480), a VHF radio (FT-2800), a dual band radio (TH-710D), along with a VHF hi-band public service band radio. 

In addition, we have the equipment to establish a second, portable station in the County Special Operations Trailer anywhere it is needed.  This portable station is fully self-contained.

The team plans to participate in both statewide and local drills and exercises with the county EMA and MEMA.  We also plan to operate a ham radio Field Day station in late June.

We are always looking for new members who are interested in learning more about radio communication and the part it plays in emergency preparedness and emergency management.

If you are interested, contact EMA director Tim Hardy, KB1SBT, or any of the team members below:

Randy Gauvin, KB1RDG                                    Russ Norris, KA1FKC   
Tom Marshall, AA1SM                                      Al McDaniel, KE5ISO
Bob Marshall, WA1YEW                                    Paul Gooch, KY1C
Mike Burrill, N1RPH

The team meets monthly at the courthouse on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  We also run nets (on-the-air meetings) on the other Wednesday evenings on the 147.180 Farmington two meter repeater at 7:00 p.m.

Article Written by Paul Gooch



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